For participants in all countries other than South Africa and Namibia

Payment options:

  • PayPal
  • PayFast - prefered
  • Western Union/Payoneer/SWIFT

Via PayPal - credit cards accepted

We prefer to use PayFast (scan down) rather than PayPal. But if you can only use PayPal, please choose the "PayPal" option on the reg form you send us.

Please send your exchange to us via this account: earthhealadmin[at]gmail[dot]com, including your name in the reference. If the payment doesn't go through, please send an e-mail to earthhealadmin[at]gmail[dot]com, requesting a PayPal invoice, and giving the amount you choose to exchange.

Preferred: Via PayFast - credit cards accepted


PayFast is a secure and user-friendly payment gateway based in South Africa, allowing people anywhere in the world to send funds to South African account holders without needing to register your own PayFast account. You can use a credit card to send funds via PayFast. Please choose the "PayFast" option on the registration form you send us with your details, then choose the Pay Now button below matching the exchange option of your choice. Note: amounts are given in US dollars, showing the equivalent in South African Rands (ZAR).

Current exchange rates can be seen at this link.

Choose your contribution in exchange for participation in this event:

  • Option A - $5 US dollars (Equivalent to roughly 64 ZAR)


  • Option B - $10 US dollars (Equivalent to roughly 128 ZAR)


  • Option C - $15 US dollars (Equivalent to roughly 193 ZAR)


  • Option D - $20 US dollars (Equivalent to roughly 258 ZAR)


  • Option E - $30 US dollars (Equivalent to roughly 386 ZAR)


  • Option F - $40 US dollars (Equivalent to roughly 515 ZAR)


  •  Option G - $50 US dollars (Equivalent to roughly 644 ZAR)


  •  Option H - $100 US dollars (Equivalent to roughly 1288 ZAR)


Mid-market rates: 2017-06-18 11:01 UTC currency converter

  • If you have trouble using the buttons above, please e-mail us at earthhealadmin[at]gmail[dot]com, and we will e-mail a PayFast invoice to you.
  • If you would like to use a different payment method:

We are also able to receive payments via Western Union, Payoneer and SWIFT.

Please send an e-mail to earthhealadmin[at]gmail[dot]com, letting us know which payment method you need to use and we will send you the details via e-mail.