For participants in South Africa and Namibia

Payment options:

  • PayFast - prefered
  • EFT or cash deposit into our bank account in SA

Preferred -Via PayFast - Fast EFT, credit cards, Bitcoin  accepted

PayFast is a secure and user-friendly payment gateway based in South Africa, allowing people anywhere in the world to send funds to South African account holders without needing to register your own PayFast account. You can make a Fast EFT payment in SA without a credit card, or you can use a credit card or Bitcoin to send funds via PayFast.

Please choose the "PayFast" option on the registration form you send us with your details, then choose the Pay Now button below matching the exchange option of your choice.

PayFast Buttons

Choose your contribution in exchange for participation in this event:

  • Option A - R50


  • Option B - R100


  • Option C - R200


  • Option D - R300


  • Option E - R400


  • Option F - R500


  • Option G - R1000
  • If you would like to pay a different amount to those listed above:

Please send an e-mail to earthhealadmin [at] gmail [dot] com, letting us know the amount you are choosing to contribute in exchange for participating in the event, and we will send you a fund request via PayFast.

Via EFT/internet banking transfer or cash deposot to our bank account in South Africa

If you want to make am EFT transfer or cash deposit to our bank account in South Africa, please write "EFT" or "Cash deposit" on the registration form and send it to earthhealadmin[at]gmail[dot]com. We will e-mai you the details you need to make your transaction.