Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Info for participants in group healing events

General info for participants

Our group healing events are conducted at least four times a year via remote or distant healing, with the facilitator, Edna Spennato, working in the interior of Bahia, Brazil, tuning in to all the participants around the world, and to the collective energy field of the planet, and beyond.

The healing method that we use is Synchronization Harmonics®, pioneered by Edna in 1997. To read about how Synchronization Harmonics came into being, please go to this link

The facilitator is assisted by four surrogates holding the energy for the group: one in South Africa, one in Argentina and two in the USA.

Feedback from the facilitator, surrogates and participants, as well as detailed reports regarding the information received during the treatment process for the participants as a collective, and for various aspects of the bigger planetary energy field, are e-mailed to all participants in the weeks following the treatment.

Starting time

The starting time for our group healing events is 5 pm or 17:00 GMT/UTC. To view that time in your local time zone, go to this link at the World Clock. A link to the starting time for each event is included in the event notices posted a few days before each event.


The events usually continue for roughly 3 – 4 hours.

Who can participate?

Participation is open to all people and animals everywhere, on a once-off basis, or you can choose to become an annual Earth Heal member, and be included in all the events for the year, starting from the date you register as a member. All the membership info can be accessed via this link.

Participants can also include family members, friends and pets as guests. For info on how to register as a participant in our next event on the Equinox, 22 September, please go to this link. For exchange details for once-off participants, please go to this link.

During the treatment, each participant is worked on individually, as well as being included in the work done for the collective energy field, and is likely to have a tangible experience during and after the treatment, with some participants reporting transformative experiences.

Feedback from participants in our three most recent group healing events:

● 21 August 2017 - Total Solar Eclipse

21 June 2017 – Solstice

10 May 2017 - Full Moon event 

How to get the most benefit from the treatment

It is best for participants to arrange a relatively stress-free day on the day of the event if possible, particularly during the duration of the treatment process, and to plan a relaxing evening and an early night afterwards. Depending on where participants are located on the planet, those who are awake during the treatment process may connect up with us, from wherever they are, by "tuning in" to the Highest Good of All and relaxing for part of this period. Those who are working during that time, or are busy with other activities, can still receive the full benefits of the treatment by going about their day in a relaxed way, with the awareness that they are simultaneously participating in the group treatment.

There will be some steps specifically for certain individuals in the group, and other steps for more than one participant, as well as many specific steps for planetary energy fields, such as certain species of animals or plants, places, and countries.

The universal healing energy coming in during one of these treatments is unlimited, and in fact is magnified when working with a collective energy field, particularly on powerful days of the year, such as the Equinoxes and Solstices.

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