Feedback from the participants

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Thank you Edna.  Very helpful follow ups. Xx

Lancaster, UK

Thursday, 11 May 2017

I woke up at 9:30 yesterday and didn't know why and went back to sleep. Later when I read your email it made sense.

This afternoon I was taking my pill and my head went whoosh and my whole attitude changed. Usually it is a chore to get food down but after the whoosh it was easy!

Now I am laying down because I feel like it!...

Sending love and light to the Whole

Bremerton, Washington, USA

Sunday, 14 May 2017

The day of the treatment and during (the event), I felt very light and pleasant and felt waves of calm, tingly happiness wash over me.

Afterwards though, until today, I have not felt very good. My left eye, which had been giving me issues, was swollen shut when I woke up yesterday. I got some acupuncture which I think did help.

All in all we've been quite moody, lethargic and starving.

I am just going to relax today and sit out of family events. I think this will help :D

Thank you Edna so much!! Will report more in the next couple days!

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Monday, 15 May 2017

Hi again Edna! You said that the suggestion of rocks for women was good. Do you think I got that part covered? Giggle, G. gave me the wood thing (table) so I have a place to put my rocks instead of everywhere poking me. I also have some Runes that are 200 years old (they're rocks) and also some I bought at the ranch in 2008... That grid on my dresser my sis A. did. And I still have the drift wood in my bed too!

Bremerton, Washington, USA

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

On Wednesday May 10th, the afternoon before you started (our local time 7:00 PM), I slept three hours from noon to 3:00 PM. This isn’t normal to me. It seemed to be due to the preparations of those folks ‘above’. Thursday was quite normal, except for a light headache in the morning and nine hours sleep at night, which is quite a lot. On Friday, I went up at six AM with a light headache again, which vanished after an hour. On Saturday, I slept twelve hours like a block of concrete, I seemed to have been ‘off-world’. On Sunday, I still took it easy and read a book. And on Monday, I was really back and full of energy again.

I kept some large crystals and a piece of rose quartz near me and had given my Mom a large crystal, a rose quartz and a hematite quartz. My Mom will deliver her ‘journal’ tomorrow and she had a very special experience. Though I didn’t ask for any particular focus for myself, I felt to have participated in a profound clean-up and healing event. Emotionally, I felt a bit morose and lethargic sometimes.

And on Monday, I suddenly did what had lingered in the back of my head for a long time: I created a new website under a different domain. I’m looking forward to your ‘steps’. Thanks for everything!...

Arnhem, Netherlands

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

(In response to Edna's comment about how the unseen beings who help us with the events tend to start a day or two earlier than the official starting time, and sometimes also continue with the treatment for a day or two after the official ending of the treatment):

They probably begin to work collective issues and later individual ones. Then the ‘delayed reactions’ will come. But what is first and second in their dimension without time?

Feedback of F. (Mom, who was aso a participant in the event). She has given me some notes and explanations and I write it down in prose to you.

At the start at 7:00 PM local time, we meditated about 25 minutes. During Mom’s meditation, right at the beginning, she felt as if someone softly pressed two fingers against her temple, on the right side. Thursday, she was a bit fluffy in her head. Friday, she was low in energy and felt morose. On Saturday morning, she felt she couldn’t get her body warm enough, though the weather was moderate. On Monday, she came back to normal again.

All these days she slept very well. She also kept some stones with her, like a large crystal, a rose quartz and an amethyst (earlier I said I had given her hematite, but actually it was a large amethyst). And instead of a Turkish bath or a sauna, I made some salt scrub with essential oils of lavender, mint and eucalyptus for both of us.

Also many thanks to our Highers Selves and other great beings of the light for their kind services. And also thanks to the Moon.

Arnhem, Netherlands

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