Kitten Zanovitch, our animal surrogate for 15 years, who left her body in August 2010, but still comes through during our healing events to bring healing energy to all the participants, especially the animals that are included.

Feedback from the facilitators

Friday, 6 November 2014

...Last night's event felt relaxed, and very light. We were working from about 7.30 to 10pm (local time in South Africa), so not such a long session.  Such a heart-warming, loving experience to work with the animal kingdom, no matter what circumstance of animal abuse is included in the work...

Amanda, co-facilitator, Paarl, South Africa

Feedback from the surrogates

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Zonked since this morning, had to nap early. E. was knocked out like never before, I was wonky all day. We had a tremendous session affirming all the objectives of the treatment and more than that ...was like jumping into a current of living water...

Z., currently traveling around South America

Hi Edna— wow— as you know I usually don’t feel much during the treatments, but today, about half an hour before it started I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open. I’m still zonked and am going to bed as soon as I can...

E., currently traveling around South America

Dull frontal headache
Evident tiredness - and then a strange calm.
Slept well.
Feel misplaced this morning, strange feeling - sort of empty.

K., near London, UK

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Wednesday and Thursday I was feeling out of sorts around noon in the day; like anxiety and shoulder/back cramps. I have been having a dialogue with Buddha a lot lately, and instead of asking for things, I've been focusing on gratitude. I've been aware of a opening and deepening of flow psychically.

I have been quite aware of the plight of wild animals and their mass extinction, and the loss to humanity of these essential partners to our well being. On the upside, frogs have returned to our neighborhood in town, and their song fills the air each evening.

I am currently reading "Dogs that know when their owners are coming home" by Sheldrake. I am touched by the blessings animals are in our lives, and reminisced on my relationship with a loving bull terrier we had when I was a young boy on the farm in Klapmuts. Tessie had such loving eyes, and she was my companion through many hours of wandering around the county side. I do not think I acknowledged the depth of her love at the time, and we are still in contact, even though she died many years ago.

Some business dealings were not coming to conclusion on Thursday, so I let it go, and prepared for the treatment by taking things easy and focusing on getting supper out earlier than usual.

At 19h00 (local time in South Africa) we connected as a family, and by 19h30 I was lying on the bed connecting to the event.

Amanda (the co-facilitator for the treatment process) did her thing, and time went by. Sometime after starting the treatment, Gypsy our cat jumped up and laid on the table behind my legs (at this time I was lying on my side).

I felt as if in suspended animation for the treatment, not remembering many of the thoughts that may have passed through my mind, and I felt light and calm after the treatment.

K., Paarl, South Africa

Saturday, 8 November 2014

'Twas a beautiful fall day here. But, highly unusual for me. I came down with a full blown head-cold (Note from Edna: this may have been a  detox) and was blowing away the full four hours.  It has let up some, but......I did feel E.'s presence with us, and he was/is indeed a lover of animals.  Our home was filled with his many pets and varmints for those sixteen years (E.s S.'s son, who passed on from this life at the age of 16, many years ago).

S., Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Toots (Z.'s little dog, who was included as a participant as well) is great! Happy and spunky... really responded - no more doldrums or health issues!!!! Wonderful - and she seemed to get even more affectionate - and that's a lot!! ;;)))))

Z., traveling around South America

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Good news! The inquiry from the tax agency that we included in the treatment resolved today in my favor!

E., currently traveling around South America