Buddha, a beloved companion who left his body in August 2012, and came through with healing energy for all the participants and the morphic field of the planet during the 6 Nov event. He took care of all the abandoned kittens we rescued, and from the moment he arrived as a two-week old rescued kitten, was the embodiment of love.

Feedback from the participants

Friday, 7 November 2014

Thanks for the event Thursday, it really hit me like a ton of rocks this time :)

But it really did start off a bit sooner like u always write that it will.

Tuesday: I just started realizing I wanted to invite my deceased cat to this healing event. Only ½ - 1 hour later of considering this (basically I had already decided it at that time), I felt strong heat energy running from my thighs all the way to my abdomen. It was a pleasant but intense feeling. This went on for about 15 min. and then stopped and started all the way until Thursday. There were several hours between these waves of intense heat.

Thursday: In the beginning (18:00 my time), the energy hit me like a ton of rocks, I started by relaxing of course and focusing on my pet(s), but it very quickly became a bit overwhelming, and I felt the same heat energy slowly building up, and now at the same time different pressures in the head from my nose to forehead started pushing and pulling weirdly.... it was really intense this time and completely drained me. Only 10 mins later I felt like laying down. I took a nap for 45 min., and after this I felt a lot better. The rest of the evening continued normally and was relaxing, only with a minor bump of energy around 22:15-30, I guess it ended around that time :)

Friday: Later Friday (the 7th) the pulling/pushing sensations kept staying around my nose and forehead, I guess continuing whatever was started Thursday.

All in all, very intense this time around, and thanks to everyone involved.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Well, this treatment was very, very intense. ...

Swakopmund, Namibia

Wow what a ride today was! I had talked to my "invisible friends" as I like to call my angels and guides last night and told them I wanted to set my intention to ground as much energy as I could and when possible practice this holding space since the term is relatively new to me and I think I might have a little idea as to how to do that.

I know my friends are always around and I am finally getting to where I can hear them sometimes again finally! Seems each time I move I have to recalibrate everything as the energies are different in each place.

Had an interesting thing happen earlier yesterday... I was talking to my son about all the repairs to our home he is making and he suddenly just stopped mid sentence and got a strange look on his face. Seems our home gave him a total history of itself to him. I thought that was so awesome!  I know as soon as I walked into the house to check it out before he signed the papers on it and I immediately knew we would be living here. I have noticed our home at times working with me to move and transform energies. I am pretty sure it does it more times than just when I notice....

So aside from almost constant brain fog today, which is out of the norm for me when working, several times I felt huge amounts of energy running down my spine to the core of Gaia. I saw a friend this afternoon and she was being affected by all this stuff so many of us were doing. I explained to her it was a good thing - she was feeling crud from her youth as it was coming to the surface to be cleared, which helped her a lot. Also her St. Bernard dog Lucky is so sensitive... I gave him a bit of Reiki and he thanked me....

Apparently I have dumped a bunch of old energy since that last meditation we did as totally different stuff was happening...

Bremerton, WA, USA

Last night (the night following the event), very late, I had a feeling Kiv (participant's cat, who left his body about a year ago, and was included as a participant yesterday) was with us. My partner was sleeping, it was very quiet. Just a feeling... no reason except Piq (participant's other cat, who is Kiv's twin brother) was looking fixedly in a certain direction with his eyes really big, but not acting scared. I spoke to Kiv, but I think his visit was just for Piq this time. Kivi did come by frequently right after his passing. I always knew by the unique scent that was suddenly in the air.

Edmonton, Canada

Saturday, 8 November 2014

It is a little after 1 am here and before I go to sleep I wanted to tell you I heard my home today!  I was doing a "structured breathing" exercise and clear as a bell I heard my home ask me to light a candle for her as she wanted to do something! Wow! Of course I got right up and lit a candle! And I made sure to say out loud I was lighting the candle for my home since she wanted to do something. For some reason it felt like when I lit the candle people were listening to hear what I would say, which is why I said it out loud. The odd thing is I don't think this has happened to me in years.

Down at the ranch I knew people were "watching" us as my husband would say, and I was used to that and even had some conversations with some of them I guess you could say telepathically since it was clear but not audible to my ears...

After you said in the letter we might be detoxing in proxy for other people I have felt so much better! That was a huge awareness you gave me...

Bremerton, WA, USA

Wednesday (the day before the event) I had quite the thirst that was very difficult to quench. Drank quite a bit of water and was ready for bed quite early. I woke up feeling energized the day of the event. I was able to sit with the crystal grid and tune in. I spent some time focused on the intentions for our cat, and our dog that had passed on this summer. I focused on the points brought up for the group to work with the animal kingdom. I meditated for quite a while and upon coming out of the meditation, I had tears pouring down my cheeks. It took me quite a bit of time to release, but was then feeling quite grounded and ready to tackle outdoor chores.

We were working on preparing our compost for the winter. I was raking leaves to mix into some of the green. I remember thinking at one point that I could not step back. I looked back to find a garden snake curled up and cold as I apparently had raked his covers away. I sat down with him for a bit and then moved him to a place he could find cover to stay warm and not be disturbed again. Overall, it was a relaxed event with moments of release that were fairly easy to let move through. I felt a bit drained by the end of the event. I also had a deep hunger later that evening. At one point in the evening, I seemed to feel the same presence as when our dog that had passed was around. I even had to pause for a few moments.  I had some other full moon activities that evening, but I was happy to lie down and fell asleep quickly and slept very soundly.

Our cat, who was a part of the event, was very hungry and demanded extra food. He was happy to curl up with us at bedtime (which is rare). I had a dream about our dog that had passed and seems that she is well. I had 'seen' her a week ago as I worked with a family member that had passed. It was quite amazing.  She was ready to show the family member the way. Quite a remarkable experience. This dream was similar, but our sweet dog was with other animals this time. I awoke with a beautiful feeling in my heart. No matter the dream and its representation - on whichever level - wonderful!

The day after the event I am still drinking quite a bit of water as I never seem to be able to take care of the thirst. I have been able to get some chores done, but have felt rather drained. Our cat actually climbed in my husband's lap this evening as we were conversing with a friend and enjoyed some loving. This is rare, as he is not much of a lap cat - more of an independent comer and goer. My husband was excited. I had another great meditation after reflecting on many of the animal focuses for the group event. I came out of the meditation with tears, but was a bit lighter and more cleansing than the day of the event...

Madison, AL, USA

Thank you so much for the feedback, other people`s experiences are really interesting.

Thursday I was very relaxed despite being very busy and was able to concentrate mostly on the bees, sea creatures and Luna (a rabbit who was included in the treatment - she had been mistreated and traumatised before finding her present owners, and has not been at all well lately) for most of the session. Since then there has been a marked improvement in Luna`s toilet habits and she has started to re-use her litter tray. She has slept a lot more than usual and I've noticed her drinking more water. As yet her head is still very tilted to the left but she is allowing us to stroke her more than ever before, which is a special treat.

I have had an almost continual headache, nearly unquenchable thirst and have felt totally zonked out and wanting to sleep all the time. Today, Saturday, I've gone through the motions of being awake lol. I've also had moments of tearfulness at sad memories which appeared from no-where. I didn't feel as though I was contributing much to the event so clearly my higher self was doing more work than I realised :) O. has been totally relaxed, so unusual for him and lovely to see, but has no other symptoms as yet.

It was a very different experience to my first Earth Heal event but a hugely rewarding one. Thank you for the additional follow-up tips. I love the poem and have printed it off for O. and myself.

Blessings to you, Edna, and thanks to all the workers for helping so many creatures everywhere...

York, UK

...Mittens (participant's cat, who has a tail injury, and was also included in this event)... slept for almost 24 hours. We are talking about a cat here Edna, Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!

She is frisky, yet subdued. Does that make sense? ... am so delighted with her ability to sleep.

Brewster, MA, USA

I was still a bit tired Friday night and was happy to go to sleep and slept in a bit.  Woke up Saturday feeling great and ready to accomplish quite a few things needed for fall/winter garden and food preservation.  Thirst is a bit more quenched today.  Our cat has been more affectionate again today.  He brought us a few presents from his overnight hunting and I found him cuddling with the my son this morning.  He has demanded to be picked up and loved on quite often today - which is not his normal behavior.  It is nice to see him bonding with us and perhaps feeling the love we have for him and not just a "roommate".  ha ha.  Thank you again to everyone!  It has been a very moving and heart touching experience for this event.  I have always been fond of animals of all kinds, and it is amazing to try to give back in some way after all the animals in my life have given so much to me...

Madison, AL, USA

Sunday, 9 November 2014

...Gambi (participant's cat, also included in the event)  is looking super pretty and her face is 'open' - eyes big and this lovely beautiful, innocent expression since the event.  She's different is a few ways, but I just cannot pinpoint it.

As to ME.... I thoroughly enjoyed this event.  I put both cats in my mind's eye  that evening and looked at the moon often - it was really big and really yellow, but soft.  There've been other times when it was a 'hard' full moon - but this was different.  Very strong pull.  I went out and came back around 21:40, suddenly had energy so started pruning some bushes in front of my house - with Gambi playing around me.  Hopped into bed not feeling terribly tired, but slept SO deeply and SO well that my bed covers hardly needed straightening the next day!  :)  Had a full day the Friday - felt good all day and so far the weekend has been packed and busy and lovely!  I'm energised and even gardened now, in the hot sun, for 3-4 hours, but feel great.  Not too tired.  K. and I also seem to be on a more even keeled wave length the past 2 days too.  Putting across what I mean seems easier.  Long may THAT last! :D

So in all, a very clear, bold and fun experience...

Cape Town, South Africa

I'm probably detoxing big time - sleeping and sleeping and dealing with big time emotional down. taking herbs to help along. Thank you for everything... just to cheer us up a bit...

Portland, Oregon, USA

Monday, 10 November 2014

A short feedback follow-up (to his feedback of 7 November - see above):
Many of the sensations I've been feeling have mostly stopped, and I feel more relaxed and clear of mind now, so something has changed.
I guess that's good :)

Copenhagen, Denmark

I got the date of the treatment wrong, but actually on Thursday, all 3 of us ended up going to bed super early and sleeping well.

On Saturday, I got the urge to redecorate my office and made it very pretty with flowers and butterflies, and completely blitzed our terrace, which is looking very Zen now.

Thanks for all the work you do

Zaragoza, Spain

I have had extreme clarity. I feel very powerful, very much in my own skin.

My soon-to-be-ex-husband (with whom I'm co-parenting our young child) announced a month ago he has a steady girlfriend. I sent her a text message and asked her out for coffee on Friday, the day after the treatment. She and I hugged, chatted, and got along. I acknowledged their relationship and welcomed her. This is *totally* new behavior for me and I am very happy about it and the positive results for everybody, including our child.

Also, magic happened as soon as I saw her and we started talking. I fell out of love with my husband with an enormous WHOOSH of energy. I thought the tables would fall over in the cafe from the rush of wind out the front door.  It was a massive relief.

Johannesburg, South Africa

Wow, the last couple events have been quite super!!  The last one grabbed me 48 hours before and gave me quite a ride!!

Near San Francisco, USA

Friday, 14 November 2014

I'm with Raju Edna (Note from Edna: we included Raju, the elephant who cried while being rescued after more than 50 years of mistreatment, as a participant in the event. More info at this link and related video clip at this link.), tears are appropriate and the best cleansing we can ask for. Kinda wild my participation in this. I don't often focus on individuals. Usually focus on 'topics'. The individuals that participated made their way into my heart.

My own cat, Mittens, that you assisted, slept for nearly 2 days. Intervention (amputation of her tail) is still a viable move. The difference is that I have some peace and can help her to transition. What a beautiful cat I have.

What beauty have you given me with the elephant, the dolphin and all life we are connecting to. (Note from Edna: we also included a pink dolphin known as Han in the treatment who has skin cancer after years of noxious conditions and mistreatment at Underwater World in Singapore. For more info, go to this link and this one.)

Bremerton, MA, USA

...I walked past a tiny shop at my mall (Killarney) today and saw a sign, referring to customers always asking for coins for the parking machines. It said:




...and I thought, "Damn straight. No small changes are going on around here, only big ones!"

Johannesburg, South Africa

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