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Feedback from the facilitators and surrogates

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

​ ...All went well this side. We finished the steps after 9.30 pm (in South Africa - GMT +2), still feeling wide awake. Shortly after, though, I started yawning. The wave passed and the rest of the evening followed the usual routine. I have not been sleeping long or deeply the past few nights, since before the treatment.

Some readings that came up during the treatment have come up in other recent treatments,  i.e. now is a good time to let go of any crap old programming, to let go of stress or crisis driven lifestyles; lots of support and protection available!

That was a great story you told* (see below) about 'turn off the music' - one's got to love the humour :)!

lots of love and hugs

Amanda, co-facilitator, Paarl, South Africa

[*Note from Edna - this was what I told Amanda after the event regarding one of the steps:

Was four hours here, almost exactly - 2 - 6 pm local time. Around 5 pm the weekly African dancing class started next door at the circus school, with 3 drummers on those big djembe drums ....and it was loud and invigorating. Hard to keep still with that rhythm!!. Had forgotten about the class on Mondays, and the sound really carries up here where I was working. After a little while, the step that came up was 'turn off the music' !!:) some humour from 'them', cos of course they knew I couldn't turn it off :). But I did close my window and that made it a bit softer, so I did a few more steps Then it was indicated that I should take a little break, so i went and made some tea and a sandwich. Soon as I came back upstairs, the drummers took a break, and all was peaceful again till the end.....!...]

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Thank you for the honour of working this way with you and all concerned. I tuned in although I was at work. The overriding impression I got was about staying in your integrity and being as authentic as possible at all times (and for me this meant being more plant based as well in my eating), taking our own power to a different level and stepping out of comfort zones.

I was incredibly sleepy with a thirst that seems unquenchable ever since the session began...As always I enjoyed the experience of being part of it.

K., surrogate, near London, UK

Thursday, 23 June 2016

...During the day I tuned in to the Solstice and was aware that I should take things easy with the tasks I needed to complete....

I was quite awake most of the time; different than usual where I am knocked out for the session.

I felt very present. There was no music playing in the room, and I could hear the evening sounds in our suburb. Generally very quiet with working people getting into bed early in the evening.

The treatment process (in Paarl, South Africa) went on for about two hours, I guess.

I slept well, and took it easy on We.

K., surrogate, Paarl, South Africa

Thursday, 23 June 2016

I did quieten down a bit on Monday afternoon, preparing myself for session. I felt like I was zoning out around 4:40 pm (an hour and a half before the official start of the event)... went to sleep early and slept nearly 11 hours! I felt ready for the world again on Tuesday. I have been quite energetic since treatment.

T., surrogate, Magaliesberg, South Africa

Sunday. 27 June 2016

​​Think we were all a little knackered after the treatment. I've been feeling tired and thirsty a lot, didn't sleep well in the days before and after the treatment. K. had a bad detox headache yesterday :( much better today but still taking it easy.

Amanda, co-facilitator, Paarl, South Africa

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