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Feedback from the participants

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

I'm happy to have participated in the Equinox Event!

A day before you started on Sunday, I had a dull headache coming and going all day long. My Mom told me she had been so thirsty all day long. I told her it's a symptom of the healing energy and the Second Ascension Wave from the Central Sun.

Shortly before you started, I informed her of your instructions about the Event and who facilitated, anchored and participated on the planet, including the pink dophin, the two elephants in India, and the family of Cecil the lion etc. That was very interesting to her.

At the moment you started at 18:00 our local time, we connected to our Higher Selves and to those of the group around the world and to the entire energy grid of Earth Mother. We meditated about twenty minutes. My mother had prayed to God to awaken humanity to the existence of their souls and to give them a higher taste than doing evil. And I concentrated on my personal issues for a while.

That night I went to bed early and slept eleven hours without moving a limb. My mother also slept like a rose and awoke the next morning completely refreshed and energized like never before. She dressed immediately (which she never does) and was in a happy mood all day long.

The next day I was a bit dizzy and it felt as if I had landed on another planet. In the evening I suddenly started to eat a lot, more than usual. That night I was completely awake and became hungry again. I didn't sleep until the next morning. The second day I took it easy, meditated and practised some yoga exercises. Today I took up my usual occupations again and feel great!

Thanks a lot for your devoted time and efforts to do this healing work with us! I also say thanks to your co-workers, the Light Beings and our Higher Selves, spirit guides and guardian angels.

Near Arnhem, Netherlands

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

... most of what was unusual around the time of the Equinox was a compulsion to sleep.

The evening before the group session, I lay down for five minutes and woke up two and a half hours later, somewhat disorientated and surprised, because I seldom sleep during the day.

I tuned in for the session (at midnight here) but could only focus for about half an hour as sleep was creeping up on me again.

In the evenings of the next two days, again I fell asleep for two or three hours and woke up disorientated and feeling as if I was between two worlds (or more). I had blurry vision and was very unsteady on my feet.

A detox seems to be underway, especially for sinuses. The process is sometimes quite painful.  There are also moments of lightness and near euphoria, accompanied by bursts of energy. I have also felt pins and needles in my right hand over the last few days and a strange tweaking sensation just below my right ankle on the outside. I don't know whether these are connected to the healing or not.

Thank you and all concerned for including me in the healing. I am recovering from a health crisis at the beginning of the year and so very much appreciate the healing.

South-east Asia

Thursday, 24 March 2016

...I woke with a great sense of motivation and spent quite a bit of time around a morning fire.  When I sat down and tuned in for the event, I suddenly felt heavy and tired. I had responsibilities that kept me from truly relaxing and resting. I think I could have slept for hours. It was about an hour after when I thought the event was likely over that I began to feel a bit less sluggish. I barely made it through the evening before falling into bed early and sleeping deeply.

I awoke the next day still feeling a bit sluggish.  Detox was definitely a part of it. Throughout the next day, things began to lighten a bit with deep, long sleeps each night. Appetite has shifted a bit for me, which is realigning to summer/spring diet.  I have felt more sure about the path I am on and seeing opportunities which had not been seen before.  Thanks to all who participated.  Much love to all!!

Hartselle, AL, USA

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Wow, during the event (in the morning here) things were rather busy with everything that is going on but I felt peaceful, thankfully.

... I could tell when the treatment was finished because all hell broke loose around here, everywhere!

Sending love and light to the Whole...

Bremerton, Washington, USA

Friday, 25 March 2016

Thanks for those wonderful Tarot cards from Zen!  They were "spot on" for me!

Cape Town, South Africa

Friday, 25 March 2016

... I drank what felt like gallons of water.... For me the noticeable effects don't typically show up for a few days. On the second day I woke from a vivid and powerful dream which gave me motivation and a better feeling about myself with regard to a project I've been stalled on. Many, many pieces of several puzzles are dropping into place.

Altogether this was a very illuminating event. Many thanks to Edna and her colleagues and also to Zen for his cards, which also were revealing and affirming.


Friday, 25 March 2016

I was attending a Waldorf teachers' conference that was intense and stimulating in many ways but after dinner on Monday, I felt tired and luckily was able to go home early.  I have also had aches and pains across the ribs on my left side for several days but these are beginning to subside. I am experiencing  a heightened level of my inner life and that many aspects of my outer life are changing rapidly.

Cape Town, South Africa

Friday, 25 March 2016

...I also slept very deeply after the event and had no energy for two days. Feeling much better now.

Lancaster, UK

Sunday, 27 March 2016

...O. and I have been having really weird dreams which we now realise are associated with the Earth Heal event. I had no unusual symptoms until Wednesday evening when I started with a mild cold, ravenous appetite and then wanting to sleep all the time for the rest of the week. Nice part was seeing lots of crystal sparkles in my bedroom about midnight on Wednesday.

I also had a sharp stabbing pain on the inside of my right ankle which lasted all day, but has since gone. The bunnies have been sleeping more this week too. So nice to hear the feedback from other participants and I totally resonated with the cards which Zen pulled. Do hope you`re feeling better Zen :)

York, UK

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Luckily we had some days off before and after Easter. We both still sleep veeery long, and did not do very much. I still feel heavy as a rock, unflexible... its hard to move - if I am moving, it feels like lots of blockages and ache in the joints, foremost in the knee joints - hope this is still a detox ...

I often wake up with tremendous thirst, even though I am drinking lots of water.

It's at least a heavy bodily detox.

Big hug from the middle of Europe...

Berlin, Germany

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