Feedback from the facilitators and surrogates

Thursday, 22 December 2016

The treatment process began at 2 pm here in Brazil (5 pm GMT/UTC), and for the next hour or so I called in each participant by name, connected to each participant via their photographs as always, and read all the personal focuses out aloud... and then it went into 5th gear and our collective higher selves gave me the steps one after the other. The energies felt very strong and clear throughout, and there is a lot of info to share with you. It continued for four hours almost to the minute, ending just after 6 pm here (9 pm GMT/UTC).

One unusual thing about this treatment was that there were several steps specifically for participants who have been experiencing survival issues and money problems (and several people wrote to tell me this was their focus beforehand), as well as worries about what the future holds on a personal level and for the planet generally. And as the treatment progressed I starting picking up very high anxiety levels from the group (and humanity in general, it felt like), almost to the level of a panic attack. It reached a kind of crescendo, and then suddenly it was gone, and everything felt very peaceful again.

Judging from the feedback coming in since then, pasted in below, people are feeling a lot better today.

Afterwards, I cooked us some dinner, wolfed it down, and within minutes had fallen asleep on the sofa, with two of our cats curled up alongside. A couple of hours later my son woke me up gently and suggested I go to bed, which i did, and slept through till 9.30 am. Feeling great this morning, and full of energy!

Edna, facilitator, Bahia, Brazil

(I experienced) an easing of symptoms normally associated (with treatments), although the tiredness and the need to sleep deeply for very long seemed to be the order of the physicality from the treatment - what was noticeable was the lack of extreme headache - but the usual dire thirst was present throughout.

I got the impression we are being called to dig deep and to be better at being in general; to dig deeper and be more kind on an hourly basis day after day and to weave it into our psyche. To be more resourceful in our daily lives, to just really try that much harder to become more of who we are at a soul blueprint level. To take the time for our own evolvement.

I fell into a deep sleep before you had finished and woke feeling a definite peace in my heart.

Thank you for the honour.

Surrogate, London, UK

I don't know, maybe Mercury Retrograde had a hold of me because I had a hard time focusing. Even missed the very start by being sidetracked at work but I caught up when it dawned on me. I would get my focus and then just lose it again. I don't normally do that.  I woke up very tired that morning and slept hard this night...

Surrogate, Jacksonville, FL, USA

Friday, 23 December 2016

I felt very peaceful today, and rather sleepy at times, and was drinking a lot of water! R., my son, also reported feeling drowsy this afternoon. I just didn't feel like sitting at the computer much though, and it was a beautiful day. So we took a very slow walk to the village this afternoon, stopping to say hi to various dogs we know... ... and popping in at friends along the way to let them know that we've moved.... we took our time and got held up for an hour or so at each house, drinking coffee, eating 'jaca' (jackfruit - all the trees are laden at this time of the year) and chatting away in Portuguese (broken Portuguese, in my case! :)

The beautiful jaca tree at our friend's house. The trees grow to the size of a cathedral, and the highly nutritious fruit can weigh up to 75 pounds!  The flesh of the fruit is delicious, and the big seeds inside are cooked and made into hummus with garlic and olive oil, a speciality in these parts!

I also wanted to let you know about an interesting article and video clip I came across today, about a massive wave of energy that has been picked up all around the globe over the past few days...

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Edna, facilitator, Bahia, Brazil

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