Feedback from the participants

Thursday, 22 June 2017

... I could feel the connection. What a powerful experience!

I was very alert last night, couldn't sleep until late. And I'm full of energy today too!

Thank you for the follow up mail, we will be taking the steps that came through.

Johannesburg, South Africa

...we slept ok, but my wrist kept me awake most of the first half of the night (she has had tendonitis for a while, a very painful inflammation of her wrist). Ended up taking an anti-inflammatory and a painkiller... (it was) so sore all of the sudden after my shower, as I went to go lie down, around our time 8-ish (one hour after the start of the event)...

This morning (it feels) better again. I can at least do my chores at home and lift him (her baby) with not too much agony. (Last night) my fingers went numb and my wrist itself was just throbbing alarmingly. I'm thinking it has something to do with the treatment maybe? Just tried to run its course...

Note from Edna: Yes, it seems that the treatment triggered a big release of energies from her wrist, which had been building up for some time, and although it was very uncomfortable last night, it is much improved today.

Cape Town, South Africa

I couldn't sleep on the night of the Solstice, either. There was so much energy being downloaded. It was subtle, but at the same time palpable.

Today I felt as if all of the restrictions were lifted, and everything to do with our trip to San Francisco worked out very quickly, and fell into place. Felt much more positive and uplifted!

Thank you so much for all of the work you and the surrogates do on behalf of the planet and humanity!

Sacramento, CA, USA

... I have been feeling a lot better today, which is nice!

A few days ago I was meditating and if felt like a 1/2 inch piece of something was between my two brain pieces. Then it felt like someone pulled it up and out of my head and then I could actually feel my brain better...

Bremerton, WA, USA

Oi it's been a rough one today for me!! I have a LOT of old anger that's been trying to release for the entirety of this year. To be real, it's been the past couple years! It's always coupled with a lot of fear and a lot of shame.

I felt a HUGE surge of it about a half hour ago, and it plunged through with gusto haha! Tears helped release it and a lot of almost like nervous anxiety also released.

I am going to water fast the next couple days and get a lot of rest and see if I can't sit with some of these feelings. I'm so sick of them... but I think they're more frustrated with me! I'm obviously not getting the message somehow!

Note from Edna: As I said to this participant, far from not getting the message, she has made a huge breakthrough now and should just continue allowing these old feelings to come to the surface and let go of them, over the next day or two....... using the breath to help her relaease them.

Thank you Edna!! I'll let you know more tomorrow!

This oddly awake feeling is also strange haha!

Las Vegas, USA

... I didn't consciously choose my focuses this time but life has been so amazing and intense recently, it just feels like I am in a powerful flow.  I am sure the healing will have helped with that. The Heartsong evening session went brilliantly well, with some beautiful singing and a very powerful energy building up between us in the group. It felt like a lot of souls were gathered with us, as often happens at Heartsong...

Have felt good all day today, and haven't been very hungry until this evening, but have needed to drink a lot of water.  Am just about to go to bed now, at 11pm.

Thank you for the healing.  I will be watching myself in the next few days to see what comes up if anything. I look forward to your reports...

Lancaster, UK

Friday, 23 June 2017

A certain frustration after the event that collectively we are missing the focus of raising our own vibration of joy and holding onto it no matter what... Old patterns crept up out of the blue to remind me how much it is a daily spiritual ritual to maintain and crystallise into my DNA

Interesting new energies felt and they have flattened me... Feelings of upset tummy, a bit of nausea and then it passed and a feeling of joy settled.

Cape Town, South Arica

​Note from Edna: Regarding the new energies that were felt by this EH member, just before the Solstice event I was given a set of little chakra gems blessed by João de Deus (John of God), the renowned Brazilia healer, which were in the room with me for the duratoion of the Solstice treatment.

This morning I tuned in and asked if the beings who assist us with the treatments had utilised those stones, and got a strong "yes" on that. I also asked if the energies of Joao de Deus had assisted us with the treatment this time, and got another "yes". I think that these are the new energies she sensed.

...For the solstice I want to tell you that we all felt very restless and we were almost unable to sleep on the night of June 21, especially I, who had strong back and leg pains. Luckily the next morning I was better....

Lecce, Italy

Note from Edna: I tuned in about the pain this participant experienced in his legs and back on the night after the event, and got that although he was unaware of some dissonant energy stored in his body, when it released after the treatment, he experienced it as pain. But he felt better the next day when it was gone. If it has not been released, it would have remained stored in his body and caused some problem in the future. See his further feedback below, sent on Sunday, 25 June.

...I had a smooth healing evening at the solstice, but today the tiredness comes and severe thirst. Were preparing the last week anyhow for a next liver/ gallbladder cleaning tomorrow, and it feels as if some old rage and sadness is already emerging.

Note from Edna: I am noticing that this time for some people there was a delayed reaction, and that they only experienced detox synptoms and emotional releases the second day after the event. This happened to me as well, by the way...

Realized today that I need to stop to do too much work for my office, still defining myself through my work...

My knee did hurt more intense last night, lets see what will work out.

Berlin, Germany

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Sunday, 25 June 2017

This was my first experience of group participation of healing.

I felt, as many say, very tired a couple of days before the event. The energy really built up before the start and I was almost vibrating in my whole body.

About an hour in - I had to lay down - (I felt) a lot of pressure in my head/pineal and crown chakra, also up and down my body and in my heart. Then work/pressure and heat in my hara and solar plexus and up to my heart again.

I became dizzy later, and tired, but at midnight I became very awake and full of energy.  Got some sleep from the morning after.

It's been working a lot these days, and I have had to take it easy and drink a lot of water. It feels like I'm having a "shift" in consciousness and my heart seems "lighter". Some of the worrying and burdens have been cleared. It's still working and I'm quite astonished about the strength in this. And very grateful to have participated in this event.

Sandnes, Norway

...Well, it seems that only I have had such strong reactions to treatment, but my children and S., they were very nervous that night!

Now we're all fine, maybe better - thank you!...

Lecce, Italy

I initially thought I had no feedback, but I'm feeling so weird and out of sorts (for 2 days now), and tired, that they probably are symptoms after the event. It's as if I'm disconnected, yet plodding along through my 'do lists'. Not pleasant.

My body is also stiff and achy. I get the feeling I need to increase my exercise - but I'm too stiff to start! Also my sinuses are constantly blocked. Not sure if it's allergy or food/drink related, but Cape Town hasn't had much wind this winter, so it could be higher pollution levels.

Interesting reading everyone's experiences.  Many thanks :)

Bye for now (from a half-zombie me......)

Cape Town

Note from Edna: As I wrote back to this EH member, it seems that during this treatment there was certainly some work done on her personally, and that she is still feeling the process. Regarding the blocked sinuses, I advised her to do some steaming with a drop of eucalyptis and mint essential oils added to very hot water in a bowl, and to just put a towel over her head and breathe it in. I think if you are also experiencing a release of mucous from your system, it will be helpful to do this.

I always mention that it's important to rest after the event, but am realising that perhaps I should emphasise this even more, especially when people can actually feel that they had work done on their systems, and are experiencing unusual sensations, tiredness etc. afterwards. When this happens, it's really important to stop what we would usually be doing and just rest, even if it's really not convenient. It is not in our best interests to keep plodding through our to-do lists :) right after the event when we are feeling affected by it.

The person who gave me the stones blessed by Joao de Deus (John of God) spent a few days here with us, right after coming from the Casa where she had been for the past 3 weeks. She told us a lot about her experiences there, including the invisible surgery she had, and said that she was instructed to spend 24 hours resting after that, just to stay in bed and have her meals brought to her... and try to sleep. And that if she couldn't sleep, well, she was to simply 'pretend' that she was sleeping!.After 24 hours she was allowed to get up, but had to take it more easy than usual for 8 days. The invisible surgery was focused on a very sore and stiff hip and some nerve damage in her arm, and since then those areas of her body have become completely pain-free, and she says they are healed.
So I think when we are feeling the effects after an event, it's really important to understand that something has changed, unneeded energies have been released,  perhaps a LOT, and that we cannot just try to carry on as normal immediately afterwards. We will not feel good or get the best from the work done if we don't make a bit of space for the healing work to be completed, as it were. I know it's not convenient in this fast-paced life we live. But if we are asking for deep personal healing work during a group event, we should plan to give ourselves at least a day off if possible to stay home and do nothing afterwards!

The feedback below is from the same EH member in Cape Town, sent a bit later...

Strangely enough my appetite has also slowed a bit. I've just prepped two invoices for clients to send out tomorrow, but I'm exhausted from just typing a bit - I think it's definitely delayed effects!  wow.. never had this before!  No two events are ever the same - you're right!

Cape Town, South Africa

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

I'm coming into this conversation very late but...

I didn't even clock that a healing was taking place or that it was Solstice. I was head down beginning of last week with some paperwork I had to get done and then from Wednesday to Friday, A. and I did a road trip in the Karoo. We had the best time exploring lovely places, saw some amazing scenery and just generally had a time-out from regular life.

We were in Prince Albert for the night of 21st (no coincidence, I feel) and I had an awful night's 'sleep'. However, despite this I had more than enough energy on Thursday. I slept really well in a heavenly bed in Barrydale on Thursday night but on Friday I was really exhausted and struggled the whole day with my energy and participation levels.

Note from Edna: Another person who only started experiencing the full effects of the release more than 24 hours after the treatment process ended!

We arrived back Friday evening and I was early in bed. Saturday morning, after brushing my teeth, I was suddenly struck down with a severe back spasm across my whole lower back which then settled mainly into my left hip and buttock. I NEVER get back issues and so this is really unusual for me. I have literally been man down for three days (again a first) with various muscles in my skeleton doing weird spasms and releases.

I have been doing release statements and trying to figure out what its all about (had some theories) but then I finally logged in to my mails just now and read yours. Clearly, my symptoms are no coincidence and I have also been doing a major release (always welcome) so thank you very much!

Cape Town, South Africa

Monday, 3 July 2017

I watched the Solstice at Avebury Stone Circle, setting off at 3am on the 21st. There were a lot of interesting energies there.

An hour after watching a beautiful sunrise, and feeling almost euphoric, I felt a little lost and disconnected and my head was very hazy for the next few days. I had not drunk any alcohol or taken any drugs unlike lots of party goers, but I felt in a similar liminal state.

At the same time I felt quite clear and at the Solstice I talked to a few people who had been paranoid on drugs and helping them with their feelings and to recognise clear instances of paranoia - one man thought all the people dancing were laughing at him, for instance. He had a lot of negative self beliefs and I could see them very clearly.

At about 8am UK time, I met a lovely couple and in conversation with them I was in touch with my own heartache and it felt tricky to handle for an hour and then like a dull ache.

I came back from Solstice around 10am and slept for a few hours. I spent the evening with my parents and we had a picnic and I felt immensely grateful for my family and home. We ate dinner whilst the Earth Heal healing event was taking place and I found myself to not really be there at dinner - I think I was busy with the healing. Luckily dinner was light and relaxed and I could participate and eat. I felt peaceful that evening.

The next few days I felt strong as my own person, but still very hazy. The hazy feeling lifted after 3 days or maybe even a week.

I found it difficult to tell if the hazy feeling was my own stuff or from the healing. I now, in retrospect, think it was part of the treatment, but for that period I couldn't tell.

Grateful to be part of the event.

Oxford, UK

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