Some short excerpts from the feedback received after the event:

...After the healing I slept two days on unexpected moments and sometimes for hours on end! I experienced no headaches or other disturbances.

It will last a while to understand the real effects of the healing, but for now it all feels a lot lighter and brighter!

Near Arnhem, Netherlands

... I did experience several hours of no muscle pain both during and after the session... I was surprised to be pain-free at all. I'm sorry I couldn't just relax and enjoy the after session, but chores kept me busy. However, without the pain my energy lever was way seems to be inversely proportional to pain...

Littleton, New Hampshire, USA

Such interesting feedback. I have required more sleep since and am drinking an incredible amount of water. Overall feel quite chipper.

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

...Our two bunnies have been sleeping and drinking more water than usual, but have eaten a lot less food...

York, UK

More detailed feedback...