Thursday, 28 January 2016


Rainbow in the Chapada Diamantina nature reserve, following the gentle rains on the night of the 22nd December, after the event

Feedback from participants after the event 

By Edna Spennato

On the 22 December 2015, Earth Heal hosted the Solstice group distant healing event for 204 participants around the world, roughly 70 % people and 30 % animals.

The treatment process was facilitated by Edna Spennato and Amanda Siegruhn in Bahia, Brazil. The healing energy was anchored with the help of seven surrogates in five countries: two in South Africa, one in Argentina, one in Uruguay, one in Spain, one in UK and one in USA.

Upcoming Full Moon event for animals

You are invited to join us for the Full Moon group distant healing event for animals and animal lovers on 22 February 2016, either as a once-off participant or as an annual member of Earth Heal, participating in all the distant healing events in the coming year. More info about the event will be posted here soon.