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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

...Since it started at midnight here, I meditated so as not to fall asleep. I remained in meditation until about 1.30 am. Afterwards, I made a few notes and then lay down to sleep...

The multi-dimensional support team were very much present. I also said ‘Hello’ to all.

It took a few minutes to tune into the shared energy field: then we were off!

It was a journey that delved deeply into the far distant past – yet was precisely present. Some of it related to personal health issues but much of it appeared to be more concerned with that of others.

At first, there were many sensations of stretching and realignment in my head and neck, especially in my jaw. There were also frequent and intense spasms in my left shoulder and arm. Then there was a phase of thinking about the meditation instead of actually doing it. It passed quickly.

There were unpleasant sensations in my kidney area and sometimes pain, I saw an accumulation of waste products that looked like scum on water.

There were several images of cave-like places; dark, earthy, yet somehow familiar.

These were followed by a series of images of inside a head: deep red fleshy cavities accompanied again by a sense of an odd stretching and expanding of the jaw area.

Then there were scenes of moss-covered ground and short stubby tufts of grass with very moist soil between them. I then became aware of a vast shaft of molten gold being poured into the ground. It seemed as if there was an alchemical fusion of spirit and matter going on.

Something freed up in the left side of my neck, then unfathomable peace and clarity was all I experienced for quite some time. Visually, everything appeared to manifest in slightly varying frequencies of light energy.

The next thing I noticed was painful twinges in my abdomen. It felt as if wires or metallic devices were being removed by a gentle etheric being. That being was barely visible – seemed to be at the extreme edge of the visible light spectrum and was delineated in lines of light. The being was female and was wearing a simple cloth headdress and a long plain dress. She somehow reminded me of paintings by the Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer. She was removing misaligned energy from my abdomen and solar plexus area.

Next came scenes of the formation of rocks way back when the surface of the Earth was cooling. At the same time, there were barely audible and incomprehensible background conversations that appeared to be more like the twittering of birds than words.

Then followed strange itchy sensations in an area shaped like a horizontal crescent moon at the back of my head.

At various times in amongst all this, I kept remembering a dream I had many years ago. In it, I was walking into a long downward tilting roofless shaft that led down into the sandy soil of a desert. At that time, large transparent sheets of symbols came down from the sky and wrapped themselves around me.

I needed water and took a break to drink some. I wrote a few notes but couldn’t summon the energy to reconnect.

Best wishes to both of you and all who were involved in the healing.

South-East Asia

Thursday, 24 December 2015

...Wow, every treatment is so different!...

The whole day was quite smooth for the most part, which was a nice change. The weirdest thing happened though with my perception, it was like the ringing in my brain got very interesting and I could sense differences in the frequencies rather than just a steady seemingly single high pitched tone. It was fascinating, like listening to music. There were so many variations. Then it was like I could hear myself talking to J., but as if I was outside myself listening to myself.

That night all the questions I had about my mental condition were answered when D. came over. I had been feeling like my mind was turning to mush and daily things would be hard to figure out. But D.  told me I had been very busy spiritually ... So now I know why I have been so tired, I have been working my mind like training for a marathon. I also realized what I have always called "my back burner" is my higher self as others call it. :-) so I know my back burner has been in full swing!

I need to drink water and take a nap now. If more stuff gets to the point I can use words, I'll update you. The richest of blessings to you...

Bremerton, Washington, USA

Friday, 25 December 2015

I was compelled to do a thorough House Blessing during the Solstice. The energy here has been very unsettled lately, old patterns are rearing their ugly heads, to be blessed and released forever. Today, I finally got into the Christmas spirit and my Inner Child was very happy. Pringle (the cat) got his very own little Christmas tree, because he didn't like the big artificial one we got. It's in his little sleep corner, lol!

Other than that, we've been very blessed over the last week.
Thank you so much for all of the healing energy!

Sacramento, California, USA

Saturday, 26 December 2015

...I'm SO pleased about your rain... but yes, many areas around the world need more rain!  Here too, Cape Town is now on level 2 water restrictions... first time in MY life!...

I am feeling VERY out of sorts and feel the need to grasp on some good advice.  For a month or so I've had a feeling of disjointedness mixed with frantic activity (sleep being the only respite and then it's fitful!); long do-lists; and again, I was sucked into 'doing the right thing' for christmas... I'm exhausted!

I have a feeling of needing to 'wipe the slate clean'.  This year, with K. (boyfriend) moving in so many of my habits have gone out the door.  Stopped regular exercise, back into eating way too much bread (going with his flow isn't doing me any good) and house chores are sporadic.  I look and feel messy and unkept :)  haha... and for a Capricorn that's TERRIBLE!  I need to whip my own butt!  LOL... so I've started on your cider vinegar suggestion - (the moment I read it I thought "ah, some good advice to take".)  I think I'm in the need of a helping hand, or a guide of some kind.  So, thanks E, much appreciated :)

The days are flying by and to be honest the 22nd feels like ages ago!  Crazy.  I'm definitely not taking the time to connect with Earth and slow down.  Something I must address before I go insane. :(

Cape Town, South Africa

Saturday, 26 December 2015

...I don't remember which day this was.

I was meditating ... I saw a wave of water like a river going from right to left and Then when it got right in front of me it turned and washed through me. I was a tad startled as I FELT it as it went through me, almost to the point I could smell it and feel the temperature, but not quite. Rather amazing.

Then yesterday (Christmas) N. and I went to look at a house... There is this little waterfall there and the trees and plants are wonderful. But the house is too close to the edge so the floor is canted at an odd angle. So when we got there I did not have my shield up so I could feel the energy of Gaia. What happened is that I got totally tapped into the structural stress of the house and with the floor being canted so much, I had almost no balance. Something about who built the house reminded me of my favorite grandpa and how he did things. I figured this out after I almost could not stand up....

Bremerton, Washington, USA

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Oh my! how breathtaking! What did you guys do? I can hardly stay awake since Solstice!

Portland, Oregon, USA

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Once again the cards drawn are right on… Tell Zen Thank you!!

Happy to know I am not alone on this journey.

Santa Monica, California, USA

Monday, 28 December, 2015

...I slept very deeply for two hours during the event, but the rest of the time I was up and about.  Very different for me.

...I finally had some apple cider vinegar honey this morning. I totally forgot yesterday. This will be nice way to get my body ready for a cleanse later this week on into the new year. �� Oh! I found myself actually wanting to take care of my physical appearance today. It felt good. Yay!!...

Thank you for all your amazing light and love! I am so happy to be a part of such deep healing and a higher understanding.

Santa Monica, California, USA

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

...The treatment was very enhanced through the beautiful musical the Nutcracker...

I felt very good the day afterwards but unusually tired and exhausted. But I think  I need to allow it. I am sleeping very well. It is very amazing how Z. and I connected on a different level, and she keeps on looking for old patterns and they are not there anymore so we are busy building a new platform, which is very nice...  Am in a good space at this stage. Many thanks for the years support.

Cape Town, South Africa

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