Feedback from the participants

Saturday, 24 September 2016

...This is very interesting . I keep sleeping ;) ...

Portland, Oregon, USA

B. is better (an ill cat, who was also included as a participant).

The Equinox healing was very beautiful and deep.

Lancaster, UK

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Thank you for sending me the pre-session information and also the feedback.

I was unable to participate consciously this time. There seems to have been so much shifting and challenging going on recently that I felt I could not cope with any intensification of that.

I feel that there was still a deep connection going on, however. I was due to run a meditation course on Friday and Saturday but participants suddenly cancelled, so I was free to go to a meeting/discussion that had attracted me for some time.

The topic was somewhat controversial in this conventional country:  'Zen and Love'. It brought up many issues that I'd avoided dealing with and proved quite liberating. The process could have connected with some of the time frames you mentioned in your feedback.

Wishing you, the surrogates and all who participated in the healing 'Good health, Wealth and Happiness'.

South-East Asia

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Hi! Wow is a complete understatement for this last treatment.

... I was asleep for the first couple hours. Woke up and ate so much food, it was amazing. Now THAT is very unusual for me! As I was eating and reading a book, I saw just above my book someone move to my right. Very interesting!

Come bedtime and I listened to this Quantum K healing experience. It's really good. So I am laying there listening to the music and I noticed it felt like my energy was being pulled off of me to my right and a bit behind me. So I asked what that was. I heard a " hummm" and then felt energy moving and that particular energy drain stopped!

...Today I haven't done anything but rest and eat and listen to music. I thought I had gotten flattened, but looking back I did quite well, given everything going on....

Bremerton, WA, USA

Sunday, 25 September 2016

My reactions to the treatment were kinda reduced from the previous one,
maybe because they were so close together.
The first one knocked off some 'rust'
and this one I think acted like a fine tuning adjustment...
The biggest reaction I noticed was being tired
and feeling the need for more sleep than usual.

Forestville, CA, USA

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