Feedback from the facilitators and surrogates

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

The treatment process began at 2 pm here in Brazil (5 pm GMT/UTC), and for the next hour or so I called in each participant by name, connected through participants' photographs, and read all the personal focuses out aloud... and then it went into 5th gear and our collective higher selves gave me the steps one after the other. The energies felt very strong and clear throughout, and there is a lot of info to share with the group. It continued for around three and a half hours, ending just after 5.30 pm here (9 pm GMT/UTC).

I felt fine throughout the treatment process, and when it ended, went for a walk to visit my donkey friend. Got home and began to feel really tired, and also suddenly very cold, which was weird because it's been very hot weather here lately. Nobody else was feeling cold. I had to warm up with a hot shower but then it went into a full-blown detox, and through most of Sunday night, it felt like a fever (the kind that makes you shiver with cold). I needed a lot of water and rest the next day, Monday, and again the following day, Tuesday, and experienced a craving for high doses of Vitamin D in the form of sun-bathing...

Edna, facilitator, Bahia, Brazil

Well, things started calmly, maybe because I started before the starting time.....It was good...Had to lay down about three hours in but did not sleep, just had to rest. I don't do rest in general.

On Monday I was still a bit restless and my shoulder blades were sore, as though I had worked out - but I didn't do anything unusual. Today, Tuesday, my front side feels like I worked out,. My blood pressure and (mostly) pulse were too high to give blood yesterday...

T., surrogate, Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Sunday afternoon I felt very calm and peaceful. I felt a bit "high" during the time of the session.

I had been been having severe neck pain, which all settled down nicely after about 8pm South African time (an hour after th e start of the event).

Had a hectic week and am still not sure if I have managed a thorough detox. I am still feeling quite "slow " energetically ...... interesting!

T., surrogate, Magaliesberg, South Africa

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