Feedback from the facilitators and surrogates

Saturday, 27 August 2016

(Sent a few hours before the start of the event)

I think I am already being prepped for today. My normal body tension has left momentarily and maybe there are sandbags on my shoulders. Just finished watching Nick from the sacred science team's interview with Graham Hancock and earlier listened to Tom's new release.

I am

T., surrogate, Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Saturday, 27 August 2016

(Sent a few hours after the start of the event)

What an amazing day!

I was in my yard as I like to be. I asked my dog that recently graduated this life if she was here helping and she said she was....

All the while I still felt like mush, jello. The helpers managed to do a good job of relaxing my body to work through me, releasing old and bringing in new energy. I felt strongly that I am so tense most times that things aren't flowing, but today they did.

Did some energy movement body things around the yard and feeling Nature Spirits through the Plants, Trees and Insects, Birds and so forth.

Had my earth orgonite out, always a good conduit, I believe. Held my pendulum over it, not asking any questions but letting it sway as needed for a while. Breeze was blowing too so it was a blend of movement I felt. Set the pendulum on the orgonite and got up to move around and feel the Earth. I sneezed twice, forcefully. Went to blow my nose because it wasn't feeling right. Get it out, I was feeling. Came back to the outside and wiped under my nose and saw the blood....Those sneezes were a big time release. Things smoothed down after that but this was the most intense part and all before the first hour was over. You know they started prepping me before the healing event started.

They relaxed me so well so that I could get the shit out of me. I cleared I don't know what through those two sneezes and the small blood afterward. Didn't freak me out or anything, was actually, well the proper word is not in my mind right now. Yes it is, it was validating and liberating.

P.S. For the record; it was my left nostril only that bled. And just as I am about to send this, the rain finally falls....:)))))

T., surrogate, Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Thanks so much for being part of our group distant healing event yesterday on the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter.

It was pouring with rain here, but I hope some of you had clear skies after sunset last night and were able to see the Star of Bethlehem effect of the two planets so close together!

The treatment flowed wonderfully, and in the end continued quite a bit longer than anticipated - for 5 and a half hours, ending just after 7.30 pm here in Brazil i.e. 10.30 pm GMT/Universal Time.

​I felt peaceful today, and was inclined to do everything in slow motion!​

​A friend living here in the valley who was also part of the treatment popped in​ ​to say hello, and reported that the day before the event, she had already started feeling tired and "out of it" and was experiencing detox symptoms, and that this continued all day yesterday. About halfway through the event, she became very hungry and had to make herself a meal right away, and has been unable to drink coffee since yesterday.

Edna, facilitator, Bahia, Brazil

Monday, 12 September 2016

forgive my poor English but I hope you don´t need by now any feedback with convincing evidence but these last ones were... wheeew!!!!

as you know I still am proudly out of the grid and my telepathic skills seem to improve :D,
last winter solstice treatment (20 June 2016) -  I thought it would be on Monday 21, indeed full moon(?)
according to my wrong calendar...
but that Sunday (20 June, the day of the event) after lunch I begun to feel strange...
wondrous synchronic serendipity
and finally connected deeply for hours.
The next day I entered my mail to realize we are so linked together!

...the interesting thing is that in July I finally got my awful varicose veins in my legs operated on  and was recovering during the last treatment (of  27 August)...
so that personal step after the treatment.....!!

(Note from Edna - there was a step related to clearing of unneeded energies from the veins that came up during the 27 August event for G. as an individual, which I sent to him afterwards.)

G., surrogate, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

I felt very dizzy during the session.... Had a good nights sleep and felt like a new person the next day.

Experienced on and off dizziness for the next week or feeling very good and strong now....

T., surrogate, Magaliesberg, South Africa

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