Feedback from the participants

Sunday, 28  August 2016

Thank you for the healing last night. I do feel lighter, even after less hours of sleep. I’m not sure it’s part of the healing. But I understand that it can be a long process.

Oudenaarde, Belgium

Sunday, 28  August 2016

...Having a couple of these events under my belt, I sorta knew what I was in for
as far as energy and stuff goes....

Started setting environment 20 minutes early.
grapes  check
All ready

I really got into the focus setting, had a nice chat with higher self, sent a bunch of humanity's negative energy down to the core for Gaia to transmute into positive energy & use as she will.

Slipped into a kinda nice 'meditative state' where I was just existing with the music for a few minutes...drifting about.

When that ran it's course, I was feeling rather refreshed; so I set about getting caught up on a few things around the house...but keeping my mind focused on the reason for the event.

As I expected; about 2 hours after the event had ended, the familiar "you are going to sleep now" sensation kinda came over me, like being slowly enshrouded by a big beach towel. I have come to understand from previous events that this sensation is not up for discussion, arguments or delays. It's a matter of where I want my body to be when I wake up.

So I laid down and was 'out' in like 45 seconds...had a nice 4 hour nap, ( I usually have a 90 minute nap daily)... Evidently, I had received some work while I was sleeping, because as soon as I was up and around I had all this energy.

A while later I got engrossed in working on the computer... when I began feeling sleepy I took note of the clock - It was nearly 5 AM. Very interesting!

As usual, the event was a much needed blast of fresh air & energy!

Can't wait for the next event!

P.S. still feeling quite energized...almost like the famous bunny (commercial)...

Forestville, CA, USA

Saturday, 3 September 2016

The follow ups (that participants were advised to do at home, to support the treatment) are great and seem really relevant.  I have been connecting a lot with stones and crystals.

Also B. (participant's cat, who was also included in the event) has been sleeping LOADS.

Thank you...

Lancaster, UK

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Hi Edna, C. (a cat, who is an EH member) wants you to know he is feeling better!

He let me touch him and didn't jump! He actually enjoyed me petting him under his chin.
Yay!! He is definitely more awake and conscience. Every time I have been over to my mom's, he has been out in the open and not hiding.

Super thankful.

Santa Monica, CA, USA

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

...My mom called me late last night to say that L.N. (also a cat - C.s sister - and also an EH member) got out of a laundry basket she was sleeping in to let C. sleep in it..

My mom thinks C. is still a bit of a big brother bully, but the exchange happened peacefully and calmly...

Yes, there is a difference!

This is very exciting!

Yay for the Kittie Cats!

Santa Monica, California, USA

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