29 October 2017

 - What does it mean to “hold space” for someone else?

It means that we are willing to walk alongside another person in whatever journey they’re on without judging them, making them feel inadequate, trying to fix them, or trying to impact the outcome. When we hold space for other people, we open our hearts, offer unconditional support, and let go of judgement and control.

Sometimes we find ourselves holding space for people while they hold space for others. In our situation, for example, Ann was holding space for us while we held space for Mom. Though I know nothing about her support system, I suspect that there are others holding space for Ann as she does this challenging and meaningful work. It’s virtually impossible to be a strong space holder unless we have others who will hold space for us. Even the strongest leaders, coaches, nurses, etc., need to know that there are some people with whom they can be vulnerable and weak without fear of being judged.

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28 October 2017

 - Researchers have developed a device that can switch cell function to rescue failing body functions with a single touch. The technology, known as Tissue Nanotransfection (TNT), injects genetic code into skin cells, turning those skin cells into other types of cells required for treating diseased conditions.

Although cellular therapies represent a promising strategy for a number of conditions, current approaches have faced major translational hurdles, including limited cell sources and the need for cumbersome pre-processing steps.

A new device developed at The Ohio State University can start healing organs in a "fraction of a second," researchers say. The technology has the potential to save the lives of car crash victims and even deployed soldiers injured on site. It's a dime-sized silicone chip that "injects genetic code into skin cells, turning those skin cells into other types of cells required for treating diseased conditions," according to a release.

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28 October 2017

 - Among the many pharmaceutical options available for treating mental health issues, antipsychotic medications are some of the most overprescibed. So much so, in fact that in 2015 the Government Accountability Office (GAO) issued a report urging lower uses of antipsychotic meds for elderly patients suffering from symptoms of dementia, citing a number of dangerous side effects of this class of drugs.

They blunt behaviors. They can cause sedation. It increases a patient’s risk for falls. And, if you just want to get to the very basic bottom line, why should someone pay for something that’s not needed? ~Bradley Williams, geriatric pharmacist, University of Southern California [Source]

Just as is with depression and anxiety, numerous cases demonstrate that dietary changes and other lifestyle changes can often times achieve better results, more safely, than using psychotropic medications.

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27 October 2017

 - Hyper-dimensional entities have been recognized, discussed and warned about for literally millennia throughout the history of humanity. 

Naturally, there are many people who scoff at the very idea of such beings, believing them to be fictitious inventions of the human mind. However, the fact that so many cultures, traditions, religions and spiritualities have discussed the nature of these creatures, using different terms but essentially describing the same thing, gives credence to the idea that they exist.

We have been cautioned for millennia that humanity is under psychic attack by a group of energetic, discarnate beings that seed thoughts of judgement, separation, anxiety, anger and fear in order to generate loosh (negative emotional energy) that they siphon off as food. In searching for what force is really behind the construction of the New World Order and the grander conspiracy, one is bound to investigate these hyper-dimensional entities, who may be the original handlers, puppet masters and mind control perpetrators manipulating the whole of mankind. This is part 1 of a 2-part series.

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27 October 2017

Image: Cannabis as a preventative: Studies show it helps guard against cancer, neurodegenerative disease, Alzheimer’s, arthritis - While it seems like there’s no end to the debate about the legalized use of cannabis, even health experts can no longer deny that marijuana lets individuals enjoy certain medical benefits. Several studies have proven that cannabis is a preventative medicine that can reduce the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s, arthritis, cancer, and certain neurodegenerative diseases.

There are studies that have also gathered proof that cannabis is a viable treatment for chronic pain and seizures. Others even believe that the regular use of cannabis oil can help treat cancer. (Related: Cannabis innovators set out to map the marijuana genome: new information could prevent the sale of falsely advertised bud.)

Pharmaceutical companies are also taking advantage of the benefits of the drug by funding the development of cannabinoid-based medicines. These drugs often contain cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the two cannabinoids that are responsible for the medicinal properties of the plant.

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26 October 2017

Donna-Quesada-time-520-awaken - We go through life forever trying to get to ten. We look to the clock with great expectations, forever asking, even as grown-ups, if we’re there yet. We humor the children when they ask, but we ask too, in our own rushed ways, in all the days of our lives, and in everything we do, forever rushing to the end. The end of what? If this continues throughout every activity, throughout the rest of our lives, the only end in sight is death.

As an experiment, catch yourself the next time you find yourself thinking in terms of quantity. It might be the day’s errands, or the pile of bills, or, like me, the talking stack of papers on your desk. Simply notice the feeling of urgency and the tendency to rush through them. Notice, also, the inclination to shrink back. Although they seem like opposite tendencies, both come from the same feeling of aversion, and serve only to keep us out of touch with the actual task. We’re taken aback by the enormity of what we’ve created in our minds, so we say, I’m just going to plow through it and get it done, or, It’s too overwhelming and I don’t know where to start. See them both as nothing more than habits that come from our skewed way of envisioning time.

Both responses pull us out of the freshness of direct experience. They both bind us to the fantasy of a task rather than the reality of it, warping our sense of what is really required. Wasting energy on head trips is exhausting, and we do it to ourselves. A task is done in steps, because reality is made up of steps, infinitely divided flashes of time that are too small to measure. We come to life and our energy soars when we join that moment, rather than standing separate from it—when we rise to the occasion rather than sink into the pit of resistance. When we join the moment, we join time. We are time.

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26 October 2017

 - René Descartes, whose most famous quote is, “I think, therefore I am,” also stated that animals acted merely by instinct, and that even their cries during vivisection came as reflexes rather than from pain as humans experience. This was a ghastly error that reverberates even today in animal research, as experiments worldwide subject millions of animals to terrible pain in the name of science. But that’s another story.

Before humans shifted into rational thinking, we saw our world as reflections of us; we knew we existed as a part of the great web of existence. And we therefore understood that non-human animals are different from us in degree only. We did not see ourselves as distinct, as a completely separate species. We knew that other animals operate with awareness, understand the world in different, sometimes superior ways, and respond consciously to the world. We saw them with compassion.

But we’ve left that behind since Descartes. We still, as a society, see non-human animals as instinctual, reflexive beings. At least that’s the official line. I grew up with this mindset. While I grew up with cats, the occasional dog, monkeys, hamsters, and so on, I observed them through this rational, scientific filter and interpreted their actions from within its framework. I especially enjoyed cats, and spent many happy hours petting and observing them—still I never really saw them. At least, most of the time. Occasionally, they jolted me awake with behaviors I couldn’t explain as instinctual.

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25 October 2017

Heal Yourself Chi Energy Trees Taoist Masters - Trees are very powerful, according to Taoist masters. Aside from absorbing carbon dioxide and turning it into oxygen, trees also have the ability to absorb negative energy and transform it into positive.

The roots of trees dig deep into Earth, the deeper their roots, the higher they rise to the skies. They absorb the energy of the Earth as well as the universal force of the sky.

Trees are considered the most spiritually advanced plant on Earth because of their constant meditation with subtle energy.

You can establish a relationship with trees so long as you understand their language. And they can help you open up your energy channels to cultivate calm, presence and vitality.

They also can benefit from you when you help them eliminate their blocks and devitalized parts. Like any other relationships, you benefit from each other by the constant cultivation of your connection.

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25 October 2017

 - As images of the still-burning Northern California wildfires confirm, living on the edge of a forest comes with considerable dangers. But new research from Germany suggests proximity to a wooded landscape may also have a huge benefit.

In a study of older urban dwellers, it found living in close proximity to forest land is linked with strong, healthy functioning of a key part of the brain. This indicates that, compared with those who live in a mostly man-made environment, people who dwell on the border between city and forest may be better able to cope with stress.

The findings suggest "forests in and around cities are a valuable resource that should be promoted," writes a research team led by Simone Kuehn of the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin. Its research is published in the journal Scientific Reports.

The researchers analyzed data on 341 participants in the Berlin Aging Study II, all of whom lived in the city and were between the ages of 61 and 82. They specifically looked at "three different indicators of brain structural integrity," each of which provided "distinct information" on several key brain regions.

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24 October 2017

Ikigai book cover - You will find your ikigai at the intersection of what you are good at and what you love doing.

The quest for happiness is part of being human, and every culture has its own idea for how to go about seeking it. You've probably heard of hygge, the Danish concept of coziness meant to create space for warmth and togetherness. Or perhaps you're familiar with Swedish lagom, a phrase that means "not too little, not too much," and encourages finding balance and mindfulness in all that you do.

Now there's another, less-Nordic concept gaining popularity. It's called 'ikigai' and it comes from Japan.

Ikigai, whose name comes from the Japanese words iki, meaning life, and gai, meaning value or worth, is about finding purpose in life. It is about establishing a career that is "at the intersection of what you are good at and what you love doing." It's about feeling your work makes a difference in people's lives.

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24 October 2017

 - Studies have found an association between C-sections and autism. In one, children born by C-section had a 21 percent higher risk for developing autism.

Folate deficiency has been shown to raise a child’s risk of autism by inhibiting detoxification of pesticides.Optimizing folate intake during pregnancy has been shown to ameliorate this risk.

Women who took prenatal vitamins — which include folic acid — lowered their child’s risk of autism by as much as 30 percent. Another study found that taking the recommended amount of folic acid at conception lowered the child’s risk of pesticide-related autism specifically.
Pesticides, especially glyphosate, and C-sections both have an adverse effect on the child’s gut microbiome, thereby raising the risk of autism. Glyphosate is widely used on genetically engineered crops, and the pesticide cannot be washed off, as it’s taken up into every cell of the plant. As a result, nonorganic foods are proving to be a significant source of glyphosate exposure.

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23 October 2017

karimic-tools-144 - 10/24 ~ Mercury (ideas) ~trine~ Neptune (dreams): This energy activates your creative process & intuition. You may catch yourSelf unconsciously drifting aimlessly but a better use of this combination is to open to the other realms for ideas & information and play with it, free flow, see where it leads...

 - 10/26 ~ Sun (identity) ~conjunct~ Jupiter (expansion): Once a year, these two link up and expand your life & consciousness. It's time to infuse your personal story with a new level of individual Truth. You have learned & experienced a lot in one year and now you are supported to integrate (and apply) all that you've discovered...

 - 10/27 ~ Venus (your values) ~square~ Pluto (transformation): This activation brings intensity and it challenges you to grow (out of comfort zone, into new territory) where your relationships & finances are concerned. You've probably already felt it coming (the shift in your relationship or financial situation), well, it's here now, so you can be proactive on your own behalf or you can suffer the consequences of postponing the inevitable...

 - 10/27 ~ Mercury (communication) ~sextile~ Pluto (transformation): This energy provokes the need to delve deeper into the ideas or information being presented at this time, whether personal or professional. You will want to dig deeper, ask the hard questions and gather insights that are deeper and more profound than usual...

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7 November 2017

karimic-tools-144 - 11/5 ~ Mercury enters Sag (until 1.11.2018): … to assist you with your review for the last 3-9 months. It is the final review of the year and in Sag, supports the editing of the Old Story and writing of (or preparing to write) a completely New Story going forward in 2018...

11/8 ~ SCORPIO Gate of Power: This completes the 8 Sacred Seasons of the Solar Year. You’ve done all you can do for the last 10+ months and now you must surrender. You have been intuitively guided and completely supported the whole time … whether you were aware of it or not...

11/9 ~ Sun (core identity) ~sextile~ Pluto (transformation): This is a healthy, positive, transformative energy. You will have access to energy that will help you change your current circumstance for the better and/or clear up an issue that has been challenging you for a while now...

11/11 ~ Saturn (structure & reality) ~trine~ Uranus (liberation & freedom): This is a somewhat rare, potent and generally positive activation between two very different planets. Saturn rules structure, boundaries, limits, time and building a foundation, while Uranus is all about radical change, innovative ideas, forward-thinking & (often sudden) awakening of consciousness...

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