26 May 2014

700 10154073_577342879046926_392251070482601289_n - Great success for the International Solidarity Caravan for Seeds, organised by Navdanya International with Peliti (Greece) and Kokopelli (France). Over forty representatives of various European associations have travelled from Greece to France and through Italy, distributing free seeds and organising public meetings to explain the significant risks run by traditional agriculture in case Europe opts for seed regulations which are designed to favour the economic interests of big corporations.

Over 3,000 people attended the 14th Pan-hellenic Exchange of Local Varieties Festival organised by Peliti in Greece. From there the Caravan - led by Indian scientist Vandana Shiva - left to get to Italy, to join the Seed, Food and Earth Democracy Festival in Florence, which - as well - attracted thousands of visitors. The Festival was the opportunity for the European Movements to meet and draft the Florence Declaration on Seed Freedom, Food Freedom and Earth Democracy, a manifesto in which they take a stand and list the key principles for the affirmation of a real "Earth Democracy".

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5 April 2013

Cowpea Seeds photo courtesy of IITA

- The Seed Underground is a love letter to the quiet revolutionaries who are saving our food heritage.

Janisse Ray celebrates the local, organic food movement but fears we’re forgetting something elemental: the seeds. According to Ray, ninety-four percent of vintage open-pollinated fruit and vegetable varieties have vanished over the last century.

Ray outlines the basics of seed saving in The Seed Underground, but it is not a how-to book. It’s a call to action, which often reads like a lyrical love letter to the land and to varieties of squash and peas most of us have never tasted.

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