20 March 2017

 - Debunking the Flat Earthers...

How can a person in the UK be watching the Sun setting while talking with a friend in Australia who is watching the Sun rising? Why can we CLEARLY see the Space Station orbiting Earth (AND SOME SATELLITES) with a decent pair of Binoculars and even a Digital Camera like the Nikon 900?

If you have ever been in a plane at 80,000 ft you can see the Earth is spherical. The Earth casts a crescent shape shadow on the Moon so this means the Sun must be beneath the Earth, or behind it. You can fly from eastern Russia to western USA in no time at all, yet on a Flat Earth this represents the greatest distance.

This is just common sense, reason and logic, never mind basic physics, and I could mention more.
This whole nonsense is a deliberate Psyop to determine who is gullible enough to believe this sham and who will readily buy into it, and those who are the rebels that may prove a problem to the Elite when the new One World Religion is launched.

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