Tuesday, 10 October 2017

By Carol Ciocco

Tomorrow the planet Jupiter will enter the sign of Scorpio where it will remain for about a year.

It's time to CREATE (Jupiter the expansive inspirational broad-strokes dreamer, underlying all of creation) with

PASSION (Scorpio the sign of Passion and Lifeforce energy that drives the engine of true aliveness on earth).

This is DEEP MAGIC and the ability to MANIFEST whatever one desires, using aligned willpower that is in right accord with the Laws of Nature ..

This is Abundant and Auspicious use of POWER to help uplift humanity in opening its mind to new visions of potential. New paradigms that are based on revelation of secrets long veiled from our knowing.

This is the time to go inward and outward at the same time accessing your DREAM of living more fully and expressing more passionately in your life than you ever have before!

There is GOLD in that there SHADOW, did you know that?? Well, Jupiter leads us on a journey of finding our inmost strengths as well as unexpected helpful allies for the journey and treasure troves of all good things. This includes literal gold and jewels by the way as Scorpio's lair is where all of these deeply valued resources are buried.

Intense transformation occurs and it is not so much gut-wrenching as Liberating!

A Shamanic Guide may appear in your life - whether on this side of the veil or on the other side as a Spirit Guide. A new Teacher of whatever-you-find-mind-expanding could show up.

Or you yourself may finally step into the Teacher role in your life. Why not realize the vast reservoirs of knowledge and wisdom at your fingertips, long latent within you, and ready for powerful expression to benefit others?

Education and Study are highlighted for detecting new pathways in unknown territories. Its a good time to excavate new layers in the archaeological dig of your subconscious where the true wealth of the true Self resides. Here is an opportunity to do commence this journey since Jupiter make the trip fun, perhaps alleviating our fears of venturing into the deep shadow side of our nature.

Here the dragon is tamed and becomes our partner in the path! You are a knight on a quest to tame those dragons, your fears, and see that in the final analysis they are benevolent friends.

Think about traveling to exotic locales. Scorpionic places like spelunking in caves and crystal mines, cities like New Orleans and Salem Massachusetts. Travel to the Pyramids in Egypt and descend into the labyrinth of its temples of initiation. Visit places that are mysterious in origin like Mayan ruins or the ancient storied world of the Magdalene/Christ mysteries in France. The world is your oyster! Uncover it's true meaning.

Think back 12 years to 2005-6. What was happening for you then? You will upcycle to another level in the spiral of your consciousness concerning the issues of that time.

As always with Jupiter there are millions of things that can be said about this shift in energies - the possibilities are endless! But i will leave off here so that you can explore and climb the mountains of your deepening faith in life, and the utmost potential of your authentic self.

PS you will notice that I have been overly-positive in this post. (Notice the overabundance of EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!) Jupiter is Go Big or Go Home and doesn't much think about the less tasteful aspects of the journey.

But there is a dark side to this transit, of course, and Scorpio will demand that we take a hard look at it. (For starters, one of the downsides of Jupiter is that it can be TOO MUCH and can be scattered in hyperbole and untenable expectations, as well as taking on too many projects.)

Yes, this is definitely an extreme YIN-YANG energy dynamic: Jupiter is polarized the light and Scorpio is polarized to the dark. This means that over the course of this year these opposites must be balanced in order to fully mine the potentials of the transit.

But for now, let's be jubilant as Jupiter is always jubilant (the skies are not cloudy by day!) and not think about the dark side for a little while! LOL (I'll think about that tomorrow, says Jupiter. Scorpio replies, yes you will, I'll make sure of it :)

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