Sunday, 7 May 2017

Exchange details for participants

Full Moon group distant healing event 

10 May 2017

Please select an amount of your own choice

As an exchange for participation in this event

Earth Heal will be facilitating the Full Moon group distant healing event on Sunday, 10 May 2017.

All are welcome to join us for this event, and participants are asked to make an exchange for this treatment if possible (an amount of your own choosing) before the event. The principal of exchange is important in terms of allowing ourselves to receive the full benefit of the treatment, at the deepest levels.

The amount exchanged is left totally up to participants, and all support is gratefully received and enables Earth Heal to continue offering pro-bono work for really needy people and animals and planetary healing work on a regular basis, and cover our running costs for the Earth Heal site.

If you are unemployed, please contribute only a small amount that is affordable for you.

Refugees, people in war-torn communities, indigent or homeless people, and those in desperate circumstances are included on a pro bono basis, and are asked to make a small contribution to someone in their own communities, such as a loaf of bread to a hungry person or a meal for a homeless animal, instead of making a direct exchange with Earth Heal.

Calendar of Events

Group distant healing events planned for 2018:

20 March - Equinox

21 June - Solstice

22 September - Equinox

21 December - Solstice

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