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Part One of the report - steps that come up for the participants as a group

It is useful to first read this before you read Part One of the summary or detailed report, especially if this is the first time you have participated in a group distant healing event.

The treatment process

During the group healing events, work is done for the group as a whole and for each individual, both animal and human, interspersed with planetary healing work carried out under guidance from the collective Higher Self of humanity on Earth.

The group events involve a large number of animals as well as consciously participating people, and the healing energy can be likened to the lens of a camera opening and closing, depending on the size of the energy field being focused on, zooming in to work with certain individuals at times, then widening out to include much bigger energy fields shared by many, then focusing in again on a specific individual, and so on.

Participants benefit from the treatment themselves, and also serve as points of light across the globe to ground the healing energy for the planet, and to release unneeded energy on behalf of the collective energy field. At various stages of the process, it is indicated that stagnant and dissonant energies are being cleared and healing energy is being focused on specific areas of life on Earth, affected by past and currently unfolding events (detailed info is provided in Part Two of the summary and detailed report - steps that come up on a planetary level).

In a treatment involving around 200 participants, it is not possible to provide detailed info about what comes up for each participant. Our emphasis is on documenting shared "stuff" that is cleared during the treatment process, and to the extent that certain dissonant energies cleared for groups of participants have been affecting individual participants, they will be cleared from their energy fields. This varies from animal to animal and person to person, depending on how much the collective energies were affecting them. This "collective releasing" often includes the clearing of "old programming" which affected large segments of the population (the morphic field).

General focus for the group 

  • Releasing energy that no longer serves a purpose for us, letting go of 'baggage' and stagnant or dissonant energy related to events, situations and people during the past, which has left an impact on our energy fields, individually and collectively.
  • "Setting the energy" for health, happiness and prosperity in the future - bringing the energies we need into our auric fields, in order for each of us to be able to manifest (or bring into being on a physical level) what we truly need, individually and collectively, for the Highest Good of All.
  • As always, the underlying focus of all Synchronization Harmonics® treatments is the clearing and harmonizing of the physical and all the subtle bodies, for restoration and maintenance of health on all levels, and for the fulfilment of the life task.
  • Healing facilitation is carried out as a process under direction from the clients' Higher Selves. A basic premise of Synchronization Harmonics® is that the energy field surrounding our physical bodies holds the blueprint for what we manifest on the level of the physical i.e. energies stored in our auric fields gradually 'densify' through a buffer of time, and manifest in the physical body and in the surrounding environment, in terms of what we are 'attracting'.
  • At certain times during the process, the surrogates release a build-up of stagnant or dissonant energy by tuning into sensations such as tingling etc. and harnessing the release of energy with their in-breath, breathing it down the body and out through the soles of the feet, on behalf of certain individuals or the group as a whole.
  • Energies no longer needed are also released intermittently through specific points in the hands, feet and other areas of the body and the energy field. The combined energy field is stabilized at various stages of the releasing process.

More info about how the treatment works

The physical body (as well as what seems to be manifesting in our physical reality on various levels) follows the blueprint created by the energy field around us, made up of the various subtle bodies that surround and inter-penetrate the physical body.

Stored within the auric field are beliefs about ourselves and the world that we may not consciously realise we are holding, coloured by experiences from the past which have left their mark on us, and suppressed emotions from the past that we have not allowed ourselves to fully experience and release. This energy affects us gradually through the buffer of time, interpenetrating our physical body, and creates situations of disharmony (or dis-ease), on many levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

By clearing the unneeded energies from the energy field, and restoring harmony to all the subtle bodies, we assist the body to heal itself.

Every energy field is unique, and each treatment is tailor-made for that specific client or group of clients or participants in a distant healing event at that particular time, so that no two treatments are ever alike. During the treatment process, the facilitator works as a "technician" in many ways, taking her information and instructions directly from the client's guides and Higher Self, step by step.

The healing facilitator is the one physical member of a team of healing facilitators, the other members being our unseen helpers. Following their instructions exactly, very specific healing energies are channelled in, pockets of stagnant energy and toxicity present in the body and energy field are released, and the energy field is gradually harmonised and stabilised.

How to aid the healing process

The physical body follows suit over the next few days and begins to detoxify itself. This applies to both humans and animals. Participants can greatly aid this process by drinking plenty of good water, even twice as much as normal, eating a light and simple diet during the period immediately following the treatment, and getting as much rest as the body is asking for (clients often experience a need for three to four hours' extra sleep, sometimes even more, immediately following the treatment.)

Part Two of the report - steps that come up on the planetary level during the event

It is useful to first read this before you read Part Two of the summary or detailed report, especially if this is the first time you have participated in a group distant healing event.

Background information about planetary work

When Synchronization Harmonics® is used for planetary healing work, each step of the treatment process is done through the physical body of a human surrogate, and the information coming through for the planetary energy field is expressed in very human terms.  For instance, if we are working on the energy field of a specific country, we might receive info that the "heart chakra" or the "digestive system" of the country is being cleared of old emotions from a certain era in the past.  It is as though the combined collective consciousness is able to express itself as an individual human being.  To understand this approach to planetary healing through the human body and human consciousness more easily, it would be of benefit to read Earth – Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library by Barbara Marciniak (Bear and Company). Video clip available here.

Working with large collective energy fields as though they are One individual human being also enables the facilitator to work simultaneously with several energy fields (each involving large numbers of people), without feeling overwhelmed by the magnitude of the numbers.  Therefore when reading the information about what was cleared below for energy fields such as South Africa, the Earth as a whole, or the relationship of the collective consciousness to "war crimes", which appear as though written about/for one individual human being, bear in mind that when accessing this information in terms of a large collective energy field, some terms are easy to understand e.g. the "meridian system" of the planet (representing the ley lines), while others are best understood on a figurative rather than literal level e.g. the "sciatic nerves" of a country.  

During planetary healing work, it is important to realise that the facilitator and participants do not consciously decide which aspects of the collective consciousness are to be worked on…rather, we ask if there is anything we as human beings are required to help with, for the Highest Good of All, i.e. we do not play God and, for instance, try to stop a war somewhere, no matter how much we may want to be able to do that, as human beings that are concerned with the suffering being experienced around the world. Instead we only follow the directions we are given by the collective Higher Self of the energy field we are being asked to work with. Sometimes the information coming through seems mysterious and beyond our frame of reference, but it is not important that we understand all of it on an intellectual level.

We spend on average one day every couple of weeks doing planetary healing work in addition to the large group remote treatments which happen 8 times a year on the Solstices and Equinoxes, and also on certain key dates in between, as an extension of this work. They provide an opportunity to amplify the magnitude of the planetary work, because when there is a large number of people are choosing to consciously participate and serve as points of light across the globe to ground the healing energy and release collective stagnant energy through their own physical bodies, a much deeper clearing of disharmonic energies from large collective planetary energy fields is possible.   

By consciously tuning in and being part of this group, the participants assist the beings working for the Highest Good of All to accomplish some important work during each group healing event, and we would like to say thank you for their great help in the ongoing healing of our Earth (and beyond!).

Image result for hands healing earth

Information related to the planetary healing side of each event

Several areas of life on Earth are usually focussed on during the event, and aren ordered under sub-headings in the report sent to participants, to make the info easier to read. Some of the information is rather cryptic, and perhaps not so easy to understand on a logical level, and some of the aspects worked on may seem a little disturbing. However, it is through acknowledging and clearing these energies that the collective consciousness of humanity will be able to transcend old patterns that no longer serve a purpose for us.

The material in the report should be read in the context of ongoing planetary work, and resembles the kind of information we receive during our regular planetary work, all of which has been recorded by hand for the last 19 years.

The energy field of the earth as a whole is always included, and sometimes also the energy field beyond our planet, as well as the collective consciousness of humanity, and the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms, and many smaller energy fields are also focused on during planetary work, which vary from one treatment to the next.  
Regions affected by war, famine, disasters etc. are sometimes part of the focus e.g. the war in Syria, and when there is a big natural (or unnatural) disaster such as the earthquake and tsunami  in Japan, there is usually a focus on aspects of that for the next few weeks. We are also guided to work with periods in history, sometimes repeatedly over time, which are still affecting the morphic field at a deep level e.g. the World Wars, and often we work with a specific energy field for a period, and then the focus gradually changes to other regions or aspects of life on the planet e.g. specific countries, or something affecting the collective human consciousness, such as the exposure of hidden crimes by the powers that be, genetic engineering, etc.

Just as each treatment done for an individual is unique, so is each planetary healing session, and the treatment process is not repeated again.
Thank you.  It has been a privilege to work with you. 

Edna Spennato

Facilitator for the Earth Heal group healing events


Calendar of Events

Group distant healing events planned for 2018:

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